Light Contact– Kick Light and Point Fight


– The teams are composed of TWO ATHLETES (not three as in previous editions), this is to facilitate and enhance the compositions of the teams.

– EVERY TEAM, National or International, should absolutely be composed by athletes of the same CLUB. IT’S NOT POSSIBLE to make a couple by two athletes from different schools. This is to allow everyone to have a better chance to win, attract more athletes as possible to participate, but also to give importance to the more competitive schools and also reward its Masters.

NEWS !!!… It is designed and built a spectacular and innovative tatami, that will make happy all the fighters. Soon all video tutorials. (Facebook: italian team x3 )


– CADETS M 10-12 years ; up to 37kg and + 37kg (only point fight)

– CADETS F 10-12 years ; up to 37kg and + 37kg (only point fight)

– CADETS M 13/15 years; up to 52kg and + 52kg

– CADETS F 13-15 years ; up to 50kg and + 50kg

– JUNIOR / SENIOR – BLUE / BLACK – MALE; up to 69kg; up to 84kg and + 84kg

– JUNIOR / SENIOR – BLUE / BLACK – FEMALE; up to 55kg and + 55kg

– JUNIOR / SENIOR – YELLOW / GREEN – MALE; up to 70kg and + 70kg

– JUNIOR / SENIOR – YELLOW / GREEN – FEMALE; up to 55kg and + 55kg


Both contenders of each team will be weighed. This procedure, will serve to those responsible of the organization, to combine them, taking into account the lower of weight of each team.

Example. Team up to 69 kg:

– Team PND: Lorenzo Bracchi 63 kg and Chianese Andrea 69 kg VS

– Team EuroKickBoxing; Gianni Loverso 59 kg and Attilio Borghi 65 kg.

Here Lorenzo Bracchi (63 kg team PND) will fight against Gianni Loverso (59 kg Eurokickboxing team) and of course Andrea Chianese 69kg against Attilio Borghi 65 kg. In this way, we won’t have an excessive difference of weight and also athletes, who will not be in optimal weight, can be more relaxed.


TWO Coaches are allowed for each corner. Once faced the two teams, the match will be started. Usually the fight begins with the two lighter contenders. The first couple fights for ONE MINUTE, until “CHANGE”, when quickly and without interruption, they will switch and start the second round, again for ONE MINUTE until next “CHANGE”. Each couple of contenders will fight 3 ROUNDS OF ONE MINUTE, for a total of 6 ROUNDS (it’s named x3).


In case of “injury” of an athlete, the match will proceed with the athlete left alone, which must necessarily fight all rounds still to be played. In previous editions, similar things have happened and matches, instead of losing interest, were even more “explosive”, especially when the athlete was able to manage the two contenders, who alternated regularly at “CHANGE”.


In support of the classic three REFEREES chair (or standing for the Point Fight), there will be a spectacular “megascreen” for each tatami, which will show in real-time, the score of the two teams (clearly visible to all, including the public). Obviously, the score will not be reset during the match. The team that will earn more points during the SIX ROUNDS will win the match. The competition boards, will be identical to those of the individual events.


IN THE ITALIAN TEAM X3 TATAMI, has always stood for strong CASH PRIZE, assigned to FIRST Teams classified. Even in this first international edition, open to all weight categories and age groups, remains the desire to reward all the teams taking over the podium ( FIRST CLASSIFIED) , with CHEQUE / CASH (only belts BLUE / BLACK Jun / Sen Male and Female), for all three styles: Light, Light and Kick Point Fight.


An absolute novelty in the field of tatami sports, proven formula for success since 2005, through international meetings PRO-motional (always with the best athletes in the world).

– Easy sponsorship of the team.

– Greater involvement of the athletes and the public.

– Greater chance of making spectacular events.


Like all previous editions, having TV RAI SPORT is guaranteed.

REGISTRATION – WEBSITE – FACEBOOK: All entries will be made via the online platform (, as well as all the official information. Exists a dedicated “Facebook” page ( italian team x3 tatami ), which will appear on the “news” useful for all those who wish to participate NB. There is a separate chapter for the “sponsorship” of the teams, explained on the website ( ) and on the dedicated Facebook page ( italian team x3 tatami )



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