FRYDAY 6 December 2019
From 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm 
Weight:  All categories LC - KL - PF

SATURDAY 7 December 2019
From 8.00 am to 9.30 am second session Weight


SATURDAY 7th December

9.45 am opening ceremony
10.00 am Start of competitions
- X3 CLASSIC and X3 FREE Yung and Old CADETS (LC, KL and PF)
- 6.00 pm Finals Yung and Old CADETS on SuperTatami.
- 7,00 pm Finals Juniores/Seniores M/F

(The two athletes -TEAM- must be from the same club - read regulation)
 - Following: X3 FREE 2 vs 2 
CAUTION !! In X3 FREE, as per regulation, unlike the CLASSIC X3, the combination of athletes from any club and any belt, both Italian and foreign, is allowed. Only those who have registered for the X3 CLASSIC can participate in the X3 FREE (see the Italian Team X3 rules) 
- 7.00 pm: GALA 'EVENING X3 (Finals decided by the organization) on the SuperTatami with Scoring Machine on MegaScreen: LIGHT; KICK LIGHT; POINT FIGHT.
 News...THREE POINT - X3 CLASSIC - X3 FREE  Live Streaming with live commentary from the speakers  Alessandro Luciani and Roberto Montuoro
pay for:

- X3 CLASSIC - Yellow / Green run/sen € 60.00 the couple
- X3 CLASSIC - Blue / Black jun/sen € 80.00 the couple
- X3 CLASSIC and X3 FREE - Blue / Black jun/sen € 80 the couple
- X3 THREE POINT and Young Cad. 10/12 years: € 30.00 for the couple
- X3 Old Cad. 13/15 years: €50,00 X3 Classic and X3 Free

X3 CLASSIC - Cadets, Jun. And Sen. Yellow / Green: Team 2 ° and 3 ° Class. Medal. Team First Classified Trophy X3.
X3 CLASSIC - Blue / Black: 2nd and 3rd Class.Medaglia. Team 1 ° Class.Trofeo X3 + CashPrize of € 300.00
X3 FREE - Team 2nd and 3rd Class. Medal. 1st class team. Trophy X3 + CashPrize of € 300.00
THREE POINTS: Medal for all participants + SAP Gadget
1. Unique tournament in the world 2vs2, with the highest jackpot ever registered for Tatami Sport and singular TROPHIES / MEDALS in PlexiGlass.
2. Easy sponsorship by all the teams.
3. SuperTatami - Patented International News.
4. Scoring machine on Mega Screen, for greater involvement of athletes and audience with live commentary.
5. Possibility to make the finals in the evening Gala.
6. Live Streaming.
7. Possibility, by the organization and the sponsor, to hire the best teams to Brand a brand.
8. Possibility of athletes to participate in one or more disciplines: X3 CLASSIC; X3 FREE (absolute novelty)
9. News, X3 CLASSIC also for children 6/9 years (TREE POINT)
10. Reduced waiting times and speeding up of meetings. 


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